The 13 Principles Of the School Of Shadows

“On my watch”
The protocols, (rules) Of the School of shadows were hard-won, through trial and error, and also draw from formal and traditional BDSM practices, as well as common sense, and a non-religious spirituality that sees all beings as equal, and special.
It is with these safeguards that I instruct, now in my 30th year of this practice, and they are the principles and groundwork that constitute the basic Philosophy of our school.


My watch is my word

My sanctuary – My honor – My compassion for others

1: No one is damaged, physically or emotionally,  on my watch
2: No one is disrespected on my watch
3: No one is Taken advantage of on my watch other than by specific agreement
4: No money is exchanged on my watch. Gifts are allowed, and an initial gift is a requirement, however it can be anything from a card, to a flower or chocolate. it is merely symbolic.
5: No one’s name, identity, professional life, or personal information is ever revealed other than in anonymous form with their own consent.
6: No hard drugs will ever come into play during training on my watch
7: No one who is mentally unstable, emotionally sleepwalking or in shock will be trained
8: No one under the legal age of 18 will ever be spoken to by someone in their capacity at OSS
9: The physical, emotional and Spiritual well-being of all trainees/submissives is the first priority
10: On my watch, all the emotion, intensity, power, lust and balance I can bring, is a sacred duty.
11: The rights of submissives and slaves shall be clearly defined, always respected, as will their stated boundaries and limits, and no training shall occur without the use of a safeword, or escape mechanism.
12: All potential trainees/submissives/slaves will be subject to a screening process, including emotional and psychological inquiries before even being considered as a student in the School Of Shadows.
13: Honor, grace, honesty, diligence, study, and compassion are the driving principles of the school of shadows, and of our personal sexual and spiritual culture.

(Established 1998, by Domino and Salome. Witnessed by Mila C,  and Ghosthead)


Picture Postcard of St Zita of Lucca, patron saint of servants, and all those who wish to serve.

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